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Electromagnetic single-disk clutches

General features

Because of their simple design, ease of application and functional safety and precision, these clutches have met with great favor among manufacturers and engineers in the mechanical field. Designed for dry run condition only, they provide the considerable advantage of being free from any dragging in the neutral position, since the friction surfaces are completely separated.
Each unit consists of an electromagnet, an armature and a central hub, which supports the cup−holder radial bearings and has the rotor connected to it. The friction surface is attached to the front face of the rotor.
The armature has a toothed center hub, which grants the unit the possibility to be subjected to a high number of interventions.
A system for automatically compensating for friction−surface wear is also provided. As a result, the gap is kept constant without the need for any required intervention and permits the maintaining of constant coupling times.

Electromagnetic control

These clutches are in accordance with vde 0580 norms.

Power supply

Standard clutches operate on 24 v dc -0 +15%.

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