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Hilliard Intermittent Drive Assembly

Hilliard Intermittent Drive Assembly: IDAs (Intermittent Drive Assembly) provide automatic control of intermittent motion derived from a constantly rotating power source.

They are autonomous and easy to install. They include a single-turn solenoid and clutch, with anti-reverse and anti-hopping features.

Designed to provide greater life than wra- spring assemblies, the Hilliard IDA is built to last millions of cycles.


IDAs are ideal for photographic printing and processing, indexing, cutting, shearing, punching, bag filling and sealing.

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ruedas-libres-intermitentes Intermittent Drive Assembly Descargar

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Hilliard Intermittent Drive Assembly, 6500-3D-004-B, 6500-3D-002-B, IDA4B, IDA-5B, IDA-6B, IDA-8B, IDA-10B, IDA-, 3D-, B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 8B,

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