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Manual Adjustment Torque-limiting Multidisk Couplings

Manual Adjustment Torque-limiting Multidisk Couplings avoid moving components from being overloaded when subjected to sudden stops or excessive working loads. When these overloads occur, the torque-limiting coupling allows the driver to slip in relation to the driven component.

Since all the disks are made of steel, these couplings are to be normally operated in a lubricated condition. On request, the couplings can be supplied with bronze disks for dry operation. Torque-limiting couplings for dry operation have “BF” at the end of description. Adjustment is made through a threaded ring. The ring acts
against a series of thrust springs which compress the disks. Adjustment is made by turning the threaded ring, which is provided with a lock screw. To adjust the ring, this screw must first be loosened. After adjustment, the screw must be tightened down.

The amount of slippage provided depends upon the R.P.M. and size of the coupling. With a given R.P.M. and maximum torque, the following nomograph can be used to obtain the maximum duration of slippage in seconds, which is read off the ordinate. Preferably, operation should be in an oil bath or, in any case, with abundant lubrication.

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Limitador de dientes GS/SC Manual Adjustment Torque-limiting Multidisk Couplings Descargar

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Manual Adjustment Torque-limiting Multidisk Couplings GS/SC: GS005/SC, GS001/SC, GS002/SC, GS003/SC, GS004/SC, GS006/SC, GS008/SC, GS010/SC

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