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Pneumomechanical core chucks

The pneumomechanical core chucks ensure durability, quality and toughness.

Due to their high versatility they can be used in differend industries and field, i.e. the production of the corrugated cardboard, paper and film converting, nonwoven production and/or
converting, medical, labelling, on unwinders and/or on shaftless slitter/rewinders.

The dimensions are reduced to the minimum to maintain the maximum distances between the
arms of the machines and to guarantee versatility with different works and reels’ dimensions.

Adaptable to different diameters using their aluminum adapters, they provide hygiene and
durability. Jaws with vulcanized rubber surface are available as well for an optimal grip on PVC cores.

They can be provided in two different versions:

  • Positive: expansion with air and automatic release with springs
  • Spring-applied version: expansion by default with springs and release with air


Información técnica

Producto Ficha técnica
Imagen virtual de cabezal pneumo-mecanico sin carga Cabezales Expansibles Pneumo-Mecanicos Descargar

Referencia en base a pieza

Cabezal Expansible Pneumo-Mecanico: NEG.PNM.2.68, NEG.PNM.2.7 4, NEG.PNM.2.148, PNM.2.68-76, PNM.268-76, PNM.2.68, PNM.2.74, PNM.2.98, PNM.2.118, PNM.2.123, PNM.2.148, PNM.2.68-76-C, NEG, PNM, C

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