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Fu Tandler Speed Modulation Gearboxes


Vista diferencial dinámico SP2

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Overlay conical planetary gearbox

With 8 multiplications i = 1:1,66 up to 1:3,75 – in case of actuation by axis d1 (arm side) – and with 8 multiplications i = 4.5:1 up to 1:1.33 – if actuation is effected by axis d2 (through axis).

Tipo constructivo

A drive or rectangular power output shaft from the through shaft d2.
If the drive is carried out by the arm shaft d1, the planetary wheels housed in the planetary arm are responsible for driving the inner central wheel, leaning on the outer central wheel.

This inner central gear is connected to the bevel pinion shaft, which transmits the rotational force to the spiral toothed plate wheel, thus transferring it to the d2 shaft.
In the event of a rotation to the right or left, the worm gear shaft d3, which engages in the outer central gear, produces the advance or retard, or the superimposition of the forward or backward speed.

Overlapping rotational speeds are derived from the B-series catalogue.

Operation and maintenance

Speed overlap transmissions are supplied with the respective oil fill. These transmissions can be used immediately after having checked the mounting position of the oil sight glass and having carried out a possible replacement with the respective screw plug M 30 x 1.5. The oil sight glass and the screw plugs are hermetically sealed with O-rings. The oil fill should be renewed after about 2,000 operating hours, as speed overlap transmissions can frequently be exposed to high temperatures of around 100 °C.

Data required for spare parts orders:

Series: _____________________________________________
Gearboxes size: __________________________________
Multiplication ratio: i = n1:n2 ______________________
Gear arrangement: ______________________________
Overlay Forwarding Position: _____________________
Gearbox Nº: ______________________________________
The data and number of the transmission are visibly marked on the casing.

Información técnica

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