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LCS Hydraulic Power Unit

The Twiflex type LCS is a compact electro-hydraulic power unit range designed to operate small caliper brakes in a proven, reliable package.
It provides on/off control of spring applied (“passive”) brakes, with a selectable “fast-approach/soft-braking” function integrated into the circuit as standard.

This feature rapidly brings the brakes on to a factory-set touch pressure (pads in contact with the disc face) before the remaining pressure decays to zero and the brakes gradually apply. A wide range of motor and auxiliary connection voltages can be accommodated – standard ratings are shown in the adjoining table. If required, a terminal box may be specified, in which all electrical connections can be made.

This also permits the addition of a motor contactor if preferred. A hand-pump assembly may be provided as an option to manually release the calipers in the event of complete power loss. The LCS is normally mounted via the M10 holes provided in the manifold block. A bracket is also available which permits base-mounting.

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LCS Hydraulic Power Units

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