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Auto Shredder Brake

A Twiflex TLB system for Auto Shredders can be installed on new equipment or retrofitted onto existing shredder drivetrains to provide secure rotor locking functionality as well as allowing controlled incremental creep rotation for tooth replacement and jam clearing. The compact Twiflex TLB system consolidates three usually separate interfaces and functions into one package, including brakes and mounting brackets, turning device and gearwheel, and locking mechanism. The modular TLB system is configured to allow customers to select and install one of the turning, locking and braking functions individually or to choose paired or complete turning, locking and braking functionality, depending on shredder requirements. 


  • Highlights
  • Multi-function, single interface
  • High-torque, high-energy braking
  • Infinite position turning in both directions
  • Fully scalable for all sizes and power ratings
  • Proven design for control of high-inertia, high-mass loads
  • Split brake disc option for simplified retrofit

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