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FU-Eaton-Airflex CM Brake Construction

FU-Eaton-Airflex Brake Constrictor CM – transmittable torque up to 365.000 Nm. They were originally designed for the marine industry, to be used in reversible gearboxes driven by diesel engines.

In addition to having the characteristics of the CB type elements, the ventilated friction material of the CM Brakes allows clutch slippage at low energy values during vessel maneuvers, as well as cyclic operations at high energy values.

Due to its ring-shaped element coupling system, sets of three elements can be formed.

Size Torque
@ 5.2 bar


26CM475 13600
30CM500 19300
35CM500 27100
40CM550 38000
48CM650 63100

Información técnica

Producto Ficha técnica
Vista de un freno neumatico de tambor serie CM FU-Eaton-Airflex Brake Constrictor CM Descargar

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