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FU-Turbostart Hydraulic Centrifugal Coupling

The FU-Turbostart Hydraulic Centrifugal Coupling has a power of 0.37 to 1,470 Kw.

The Hydrodynamic Coupling, inserted into a transmission for starting up a high inertia machine controller by an asynchronous electric motor with Direct on Line Starting.


  • Eliminates the rigidity of the mechanical transmissions and guarantees the flexibility of the Hydraulic transmission withstanding all the shocks, torsional vibrations and unexpected overloads, and protects the motor and driving machine.
  • Reduces peak current during start-up. The electric motor rapidly reaches the operating speeds with low peak current.
  • Permits smaller motor sizes according to the power demand of the driven machine.
  • Permits a high stop start duty cycle even under load, sudden changes of direction and plug (reverse) braking.
  • Distributes the load in installations where two or more motors are installed. The Hydrodynamic Coupling allows every motor to reach its own operating speed, automatically distributing load demand.

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Vista de un embrague centrífugo hidráulico FU-Turbostar FU-Turbostart Hydraulic Centrifugal Coupling Descargar

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