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Two Pole−Face Electromagnetic Clutches

Two Pole−Face Electromagnetic Clutches‘ main feature is the magnetic flux crossing twice the rotor and armature, making possible a double use of the magnetic field force. In theory, this results in a transmittable torque two times higher with respect to a traditional electromagnetic clutch with the same dimensions.

Suitable to an ample range of applications − from industrial and agricultural vehicles through mining and mechanical industry to marine applications − these clutches guarantee:

  • High transmittable torque due to magnetic field optimization
  • Compact design and low inertia
  • Large shaft diameters permitted
  • No backlash
  • No need of maintenance
  • Reduced environmental influence on performances
  • Long lifetime (due to ample contact surfaces and the surface hardening treatments applied to rotor and armature)
  • High functioning speeds
  • Very quiet functioning
  • Safe functioning up to wear limit
  • Zero drag−torque
  • Low residual electromagnetic field
  • Electromagnetically operated
  • Various supply voltages available (24 VDC standard)
  • Suitable both for dry run or wet run (with slightly diminished transmittable torque)

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Vista de un embrague electromagnético de doble flujo EMSL-DF-G sin carga Two Pole−Face Electromagnetic Clutches Descargar

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Two Pole−Face Electromagnetic Clutches: EMSL, DF-B, DF-B-ME, DF-B-MI, DF-BM, DF-BM-ME, DF-C, DF-C-ME, DF-R, DF-GE, DF, EMFL

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