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FU-Eaton-Airflex E Expanding Clutch

FU-Eaton-Airflex E Expanding Clutch – Transmissible torque up to 14,000 Nm.

They were originally designed for continuous slipping or stress braking. However, they can also be used in general for power transmission applications.

The torque is transmitted from the friction shoes to the body of the element by means of torque transmission bars.

Clutching occurs when air expands the actuating tube, forcing the friction material against the internal diameter of the drum.

Size Torque rating
@ 5.2 bar


12E475 1280
14E475 1810
16E475 2430
19E475 3560
21.5E475 4580
24E475 5880
27E475 7570
30E600 12000
34E600 15500
40E700 25400
19VE475 2880
24VE475 5110
27VE475 6610

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embrague-expansible-e-fu-eaton-airflex FU-Eaton-Airflex E Expanding Clutch Descargar

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Expanding Clutch E, Airflex, Eaton, Danfoss, Vickers, 11933, 306200, 306068, 142314GU, 305696, 146510P, 11926, 142395GU, 142216GY, 142215GU, 142215GX, 142214GU, 142213GU, E, GU, P, GY, GX,

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