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DP-N Spring-applied Pneumatic Tooth-type Couplings

Pneumatic spring applied tooth-type couplings are engaged by the action of thrust springs, which guarantee the nominal torque.

Contrary to the spring released ones, in working conditions these couplings are engaged by the action of thrust springs, which guarantee the nominal torque.
The disengagement occurs when air under pressure is supplied to the working cylinder through the supply bore «A» located on the external diameter of the working cylinder itself.

In order to obtain a complete disengagement of the coupling, you must guarantee the release pressure suggested on this catalogue; we also suggest to mount the command valve, which must be equipped with a blow-off device, as close as possible to the working cylinder, to quickly and precisely engage the transmission.


When mounting, please follow our instructions and examples.
The working cylinder must be anchored, but not blocked, by means of a bracket or pin engaged on one of the three 120° milled spots on the working cylinder itself; this bracket is to be hooked onto the most convenient milled spot, in relation to the air supply bore, making sure that the working cylinder has some radial and axial play.

During the assembly phase, it is very important to check the air gap (Q) at 3 points at 120° with a thickness gauge; it should be as specified in the relevant tables.

  • Mount the tooth-type coupling.
  • The toothing has to be engaged.
  • Disengage the coupling feeding air to the cylinder.
  • Check the air gap.
Esquema sección de ejemplo de montaje de montaje acoplamiento neumatico dientes directo DP-N

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Esquema sección de ejemplo de montaje de Embrague Industrial Neumático de Dientes Negativo DP-N DP-N Negative Pneumatic Tooth-type Couplings Descargar

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