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Screw Jacks with Trapezoidal or Ball Screw Spindles

Screw Jacks with Trapezoidal or Ball Screw Spindles INKOMA-ALBERT are suitable for lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling and pressing.

They can be operated manually or by electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motor.

Below, find the description of the featured models together with their technical data.


  • SGT:
    The range has a logical progression of load capability of up to 2000 kN. Spindles up to 10m long can be provided. Normal stroke speeds up to 0.05 m/s (higher speeds available on request). Available in inox.
  • SDA:
    Modular direct drive linear actuator system for use in a wide range of applications and industries. The actuators can operate with fast linear speeds and high
    duty in high load conditions. The SDA can be used as a single drive linear actuator. Alternatively, as high precision motion control with synchronisation between axis is possible, the SDA is a perfect solution as part of a multi-axis system.
  • HSG:
    Various ball screw options are available. These ones allow higher lifting speeds than trapezoidal units. Screw jacks equipped with ball screws are not self-locking. All the facilities must be equipped with brake motors. HSGs can be supplied for explosive areas in accordance with 2014/34/EU (ATEX) on request.
  • HSGK:
    Input speeds of up to 3000 1/min are possible and both compressive and tensile loads up to 1000 kN can be carried
  • KSH:
    The INKOMA-bevel gear high speed screw jack type KSH is a modular design in 3 sizes. Each size is available with two ratios; 2:1 and 3:1. All gear housings are cubic in form and are machined on all faces. They are manufactured from GG 25 grey cast iron. They are provided with spiral bevel gear sets.
    These bevel gears are of Klingelnberg form and are lapped together in pairs. High quality alloy steel is used in their manufacture and they are case hardened.
    Robust rolling bearings support the input shaft and the lifting spindle axis giving a long and trouble free life. INKOMA-bevel gear high speed screw jacks provide a lifting speed of up to 30 m/min with ball screw and 13.5 m/min with trapezoidal spindle. Due to the high efficiency of the integral bevel gears a high overall efficiency is provided (ca. 75% for ball screw and ca. 40% with trapezoidal spindle).
  • DSH:
    A classic screw jack consisting of one or more worm gears, which are usually driven by a drive motor. As a result, very long drive trains can be developed, leading to higher mechanical losses when a single motor is used. For particular applications with high frequencies in combination with a high duty cycle, conventional screw jacks using helical or bevel gears are often pushed to their limits. Those are two of the many reasons for the development of an entirely new screw jack system. After extensive preliminary research involving technical universities, our new Direct Spindle Jack (DSH) was developed. INKOMA-ALBERT DSH screw jacks work without a separate reducer. A ball screw is directly integrated into a torque motor. Consequently, the ball screw drive is driven directly and backlash-free by the motor. As a result, almost no mechanical losses develop throughout the DSH system. The traction and thrust forces of the spindle are absorbed through the corresponding axial bearings. The compact drive system is distinguished by a high degree of rigidity and is therefore suitable for highly dynamic applications. Hoisting frequencies in the Hertz range can be achieved at travel speeds from standard to 32m/min. Therefore, the positioning and repetition accuracy is in the range of micrometers. It is not necessary to place several drives working together on the same plane. However, they work exactly synchronously with each other.

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Screw Jacks with Trapezoidal or Ball Screw Spindles: SGT, HSG, HSGK, KSH

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