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Direct Multi-Disc Pneumatic Clutches

Embrague Neumático Multidisco Directo MPR

MPR/MPG/MP Pneumatic Single-plate Clutches

MPR/MPG/MP Pneumatic Single-plate Clutches are suitable only for dry operation and therefore the friction surfaces should not come in contact with lubricating materials, thus affecting ...

Embrague Neumático Multidisco Directo LPR LPG LP

LPR, LPG, LP Pneumatic Static-cylinder Multi-disk Clutches

This series of Pneumatic Static-cylinder Multi-disk Clutches has been engineered to run dry, thanks to the choice of using a combination of bronze/steel disks and ...

Embrague Neumático Multidisco Directo PNS/BF

PNS/BF Pneumatic Static-cylinder Multi-disk Clutch

The excellent technical, construction and operating characteristics of PNS/BF Pneumatic Static-cylinder Multi-disk Clutches have resulted in a wide number of applica-tions through the manufacturing industry. ...



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