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The CrossDrive® consists of a conveyor belt drum with an external motor mounted in line, reducing consumption and achieving a mechanical efficiency of 96%.

The drum houses all permanently oil bath lubricated gears, bearings and seals within the drum shell itself. The electric motor is externally mounted at one end of the drum.

The CrossDrive® allows you to install or change the electric motor very quickly, requiring only four bolts. Accommodates any C-type flange mount electric motor or PANCAKE motor, which will reduce motor length by up to 50%, with no competition in the market. Reduce the length of the proportional motor, not only saving space, but also improving operator safety and lower maintenance requirements.

The CrossDrive® driver is available in 6.5” (165mm) and 8.5” (216mm) diameters. All with a wide variety of mechanical reductions and torque values ​​at the customer’s choice.

Consult down the technical sheet to know all the combinations.

It can be used on any type of conveyor belts.


  • 96% mechanical efficiency that reduces energy cost
  • Immediate access to the tractor motor
  • Cost improvement by reducing maintenance
  • Compact design increases operator safety

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