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SSV Drum Motors – Hygiene, Food & Sanitary Sectors

Designed and engineered specifically for the food industry, SSV Series Drum Motors meet and exceed the highest level of sanitation – and higyene- requirements.

The SSV Drum Motor drives modular, wire mesh and monolithic thermoplastic conveyor belts without using sprockets on a square shaft.

SSV Drum Motors are available with either the belt profile machined directly onto the stainless steel drum, or with the new removable profiled sleeve (XP). The SSV-XP Drum Motor enables different styles of modular conveyor belts to be used with the same drum motor by simply exchanging the sleeve to match the belt profile required on the conveyor.

As part of the SSV Series, the IntelliDriveDrum Motor featuring permanent magnet (PM) motor technology provides a wider range of belt speeds and a significant increase in energy efficiency and cost savings.


  •  No external moving parts increases operator safety
  •  Improves Sanitation by reducing harbouring areas
  •  Proven Total Cost of Ownership
  •  Reduced Maintenance = Reduced Costs

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