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Expanding Shafts

DX type expanding shafts have the following characteristics:

  • Made of steel or aluminium
  • Pneumatic expansion system with strips or keys,
  • Diameters from 25 mm (1”) to 300 mm (12”).
  • Black anodized at 50 Hrc, for lasting protection *.
  • C40/45 tempered steel (55/60 Hrc) journals that can be made to order at no extra cost.
  • DX type expanding shafts are made of aluminium with an extruded profile or may optionally be made of steel or ERGAL, a special aluminium alloy which allows an approximate increase of 30% in the shaft’s capacity without increasing its weight.

The standard shafts are fitted with vulcanised rubber strips (rubber hardness: 80Sh±5), but on request other kinds of strips are available. (enquire).

The journals can also be made to order. Standard versions that have been specifically designed to be used with our safety chucks.


Standard expanding shaft diameter [mm]: Inside core diameter 70mm, 3”(76,2mm), 150mm and 6”(152,4mm).

Hard black anodized (50 Hrc) for lasting protection. The expanding shaft diameter 6” (152,4mm) is available in soft anodized (less protection).
Slots: 6-slot profile for 69 mm shafts, 5 or 6-slot profile for 3″ mm shafts and 9-slots for 148 and 150 mm shafts.

*Many of these parameters can be made to measure (enquire).

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Expanding Shaft

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