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Expanding Shafts

Expanding arrows with two anchors and cantilever, anchored at one end. Safety supports and adapters.

Vista de un Eje Expansible DX sin carga

Expanding Shafts

DX type expanding shafts have the following characteristics: Made of steel or aluminium Pneumatic expansion system with strips or keys, Diameters from 25 mm (1”) ...


Pneumatic Expanding Shafts

Ejes Expansibles en voladizo (un punto de anclaje) de accionamiento neumático. DX type expanding shafts have the following characteristics: Made of steel or aluminium. Pneumatic ...

Vista de una barra expansible con un pomo frontal rojo para ajuste axial - Eje expansible en voladizo

Expanding shafts with axial movement

Pneumatic expanding shafts with axial movement are the perfect solution for the unwinding and rewinding of rolls in cantilever applications. Using a knob on the ...

Vista de dos soportes para ejes sin carga. Soorte SAP y SAP 41-P50; este último con manivela.

Safety Supports For Expandable Shafts

Vista de dos adaptadores de ejes expansibles goma seccionado.

The Expandable Shaft Adapters

The Expandable Shaft Adapters allow the use of the same expandable shaft in coils with inner cores of different diameters. The expandable shaft will be ...

Vista de freno de pinza actuando en un disco

Brakes for Expanding Shafts and Rolls

Brakes for Expanding Shafts They are installed in the same axis support Developed at client’s request, depending on individual needs and their specific application.



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