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Electromagnetic Disk-type Clutches

The basic design in each electromagnetic disk-type clutch includes an electromagnet, a disk pack and an armature.
The electromagnet can be either the rotating type with collector ring (EC − ECF − EC/C Series) or the static type (ESB Series) which has no collector ring.
All disks are made of steel, so the clutch must operate under good lubrication. In order to eliminate any drag tendency in neutral position, the inner disks have a special convex design to keep friction surfaces separated when not engaged.


The types with rotating electromagnets have the simplest design and are the cheapest ones. They have an electromagnetic cup, which has on the outside a collector ring on one side, and a disk holding cover and armature on the other. It is good practice not to exceed 18 m/s rotational speed under tension; also, if only one collector ring is present, it is necessary to ground the clutch through the machinery, in order to close circuit.
Since the fixed−electromagnet series has no collector ring, there are no brush sparking phenomena to contend with, thus providing greater operational safety and precision.
The rear end of the non−magnetic center hub supports the rotor and cup−holder bearings and the toothed front−end guides and actuates the disks and armature.
Disk−wear take−up in both types of clutches is automatic. Thus, no disk−wear adjustment intervention is required.

These clutches are in accordance with VDE 0580 NORMS POWER SUPPLY.
Standard clutches operate on 24 V DC -0 +15%. On request, different voltages are available.


For assembly, please refer to the provided instructions and examples.
Clutches without the collector ring require the electromagnet to be anchored, using one of the three 120˚ milled spots, ensuring some play, both radially and axially, to the connection, otherwise the service life of the radial bearings will be significantly reduced.
Lubrication is very important and can sometimes defines the difference between long and short clutch service life. Copious lubrication, either splash or forced, is recommended. The supplier of the oil should be consulted for selecting the right type, which should be high−quality mineral oil with electrolytic properties and a viscosity of 3˚E/50˚C.

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