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Controlflex Couplings

Controlflex Couplings are ideal for encoder applications. A precision coupling developed according to the mechanical and metric requirements of encoder applications. Addresses any misalignment with extremely low recoil forces, unloading the bearings and maintaining a constant angular velocity. The coupling is backlash free, electrically isolated, easy to mount and designed to operate at speeds up to 25,000 turns making it the ideal coupling for encoder and tachometer applications.

Minimal recoil forces due to materials and elaborate design. All this in combination with high radial misalignment reserves of up to 2 mm.
Electrical Insulation The functional element of the coupling is made of Delrin, which insulates it electrically.
Compact design The functional element of the coupling compensates for radial, axial and angular misalignment with an extremely short length.
Modular construction Any diameter and hole can be freely combined.
Balanced Design By default, all hard-anodized clamping bushings are balanced for high RPMs and high accelerations
Special executions We make optimized coupling solutions for different applications. For example, for encoder applications.

Controlflex Coupling Standard Series
for all standard types of encoders and tachogenerators

Controlflex Coupling Standard Series Technical Data [+] Controlflex Coupling Standard Series Technical Data

Controlflex Coupling Impuls Plus Series
for encoders with maximum precision

Controlflex Coupling Impuls Plus Series Technical Data [+] Controlflex Series Impuls Plus Coupling Technical Data

Controlflex Compact Series Coupling
very small design

Technical Data Compact Series Coupling [+] Technical Sheet Compact Series Coupling

Controlflex Industrial Series Coupling
for applications in robust encoders with larger axes

Controlflex Coupling Industrial Series Technical Data [+] Controlflex Coupling Industrial Series Technical Data


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Acople Controlflex Descargar
Acople Controlflex Serie Estandar Descargar
Acoplamiento Controlflex Serie Impuls Plus Descargar
Acoplamiento Controlflex Serie Compact Descargar
Acoplamiento Controlflex Serie Industrial Descargar

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