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Industrial Elastic Couplings

Controlflex, Gummi tubular, FU rubber roller couplings, Servoflex SFC, Servoclass, FU-Zero-Max Hybrid CD Composite, for wind turbines, Omniflex Schmidt Kupplung, bellows, Loewe GK, Semiflex, gear, rigid, flexible Layrub, adapter for cantilever, disc, star, chain and Rimtec encapsulation axes.

Bellows Couplings

Bellows couplings with high transmission torque, without play, without maintenance or wear. Tandler and Rimtec brands.


Gummi Tubular Couplings

The Elastic Gummi Tubular Couplings absorb misalignments, reduce efforts, absorb vibrations and shocks. Its use extends the life of the machine and its components. They ...


FU Elastic Rubber Roller Couplings

FU Elastic Rubber Roller Couplings are designed for a perfect coupling between shafts. They ensure a precise alignment of the axes of the joining machines. ...

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Schmidt Kupplung – Omniflex Couplings

Schmidt Kupplung Couplings are the most common couplings for parallel radial misalignments. It does not produce lateral loads -reaction forces- and is the ideal precision ...


SFC Servoflex Coupling

Acoplamiento Servoflex SFC Made of high-strength aluminum alloy With quick closing system that provides an easy and exact installation Compatible with taper shafts through the ...


FU-Zero-Max CD Composite Couplings

FU-Zero-Max Composite CD Couplings – The Ideal Coupling for Demanding Applications The CD coupling is a unique hybrid product that combines the best features of ...


FU-Zero-Max Hybrid Composite CD Couplings

FU-Zero-Max Hybrid Composite CD Couplings – The ideal coupling for demanding applications Hybrid CD composite couplings combine the best features of the renowned CD couplings, ...

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Controlflex Couplings

Controlflex Couplings are ideal for encoder applications. A precision coupling developed according to the mechanical and metric requirements of encoder applications. Addresses any misalignment with ...


Wind Turbines Couplings

Zero Max Composite Disc Wind Turbine Couplings are designed to exceed the typical operational life of a normal driveline coupling, within the framework of ZERO-MAX ...

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Chain Coupling

The Chain Coupling  GC, is made in steel fully turned with standard treatment of phosphating. Negligible power loss, absorbed by the coupling. Hardening of hub ...


ServoClass Couplings

ServoClass couplings – the coupling for today’s toughest applications. The CD coupling is a unique hybrid product that combines the best features of steel and ...

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Plates Coupling

The plate couplings are completely free from backlash, torsionally rigid, flectionally elastic and maintenance-free. The lamellar packs can transmit the torque in both sense of ...

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Jaw Coupling

Jaw Coupling Made in steel fully turned with standard phosphating treatment. Several elastomer hardnesses available. Statically balanced. On request Conformity to Directive ATEX possible. Specific ...


Gear Couplings

The gear couplings are especially suited for heavy duty operation. They are torsionally rigid and can transmit the torque in both sense of direction. They ...


Rigid Couplings

The Rigid Couplings have been designed and manufactured to connect two shafts of the same diameter but without allowing any relevant misalignment. Applications in the ...


Disc Couplings

Disc Couplings are designed to suit applications where high reliability, precision and an opti mum weight/power ratio is required; ideally suited for applications with high ...

Vista de Acoplamiento Loewe GK

Loewe Gk Couplings

Loewe GK Couplings: The axially fixed Loewe® GK is designed to offer generous angular and radial misalignment compensation together with high axial stiffness. Loewe® GK ...

Vista de Acoplamiento Semiflex

Semiflex Coupling

Semiflex Couplings are a precise and torsionally rigid shaft coupling. They allow all types of shaft misalignment to be corrected, ensuring full synchronization of the ...


Layrub Flexible Couplings

The large volume of the rubber blocks gives Layrub Flexible Couplings a relatively low torsional stiffness and good damping characteristics. This makes the Layrub particularly ...


Overhung Load Adaptors

OHLA overhung load adaptors eliminate premature motor or pump failure due to overhung loads (axial and radial) on your motor or pump shaft. Also they ...


Rimtec Capping Clutches

MAGNETIC COUPLINGS AND CLUTCHES These magnetic clutches ensure smooth capping of bottles and containers, with overLOAD protection for any application in bottling plants. Designed based ...



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