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Gummi Tubular Couplings

The Elastic Gummi Tubular Couplings absorb misalignments, reduce efforts, absorb vibrations and shocks. Its use extends the life of the machine and its components. They are easy to install/replace, offer more safety to the user and do not require lubrication.

Misalignments account for 50% of bearing failures and other elements of any machine (seals, retainers, gears, etc.) that are not normally adapted to resist the induced bending of the shaft.

The average of vibrations that are transmitted in a system is of the order of 70%, the latter being minimized by the absorption capacity of the elastic center.

As it is a single element, installation/replacement is simple. It is not necessary to move the parts to be replaced.

Using smaller alignment tolerances increases the life of the elastic center. Thanks to the absence of cuts in the elastic center, balancing is guaranteed, which gives the user security.

Due to their constructive characteristics, the elastic couplings do not require lubrication.

By increasing the interval between replacements, the downtime of the machine is reduced, and the replacement of lubricating components and inventory are saved.

The elastic core can work for a long time without being replaced. It is manufactured under a Quality Assurance System and superior quality raw materials are used for its manufacture.

There are various models:

  • Spacer (Back-pull-out)
  • Diesel Engines
  • Axial Displacement
  • Large Shaft Diameters
  • Floating Axes
  • Torque Limiters
  • Security Lock
  • Taper Shafts (Motor Mill)

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Type A Elastic Couplings Descargar
Type BR Low Rotation Elastic Gummi Couplings Descargar

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Gummi Tubular Couplings, A, BR, Gumi

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