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FU-Zero-Max CD Composite Couplings

FU-Zero-Max Composite CD Couplings – The Ideal Coupling for Demanding Applications

The CD coupling is a unique hybrid product that combines the best features of steel and elastomeric disc couplings.

Thanks to their innovative design and the use of reinforced and non-conductive composite materials, CD ZERO-MAX composite couplings offer:

– High misalignment capacity (common in many elastomeric couplings)
– Greater resistance to torsion
– Electrical insulation and protection against electrical and electrostatic charges
– Greater cushioning and insulation against shocks and vibrating loads
– Absolute reduction in frictional wear
– Significant reduction in stress cracks in the bolt hole
– Excellent resistance to chemicals and moisture in harsh environments where it is not possible to use elastomeric or steel disc couplings.

Maximum reliability in operation 24/7!

Zero vibration with high
torsional strength

Up to 3.5mm (0.137″)
parallel misalignment
and up to 3º of angular misalignment

Extractable compound disc pack design

Corroision free composite material of the disk, Eliminates wear problems
due to friction
between discs. Easy to inspect. Does not require maintenance. Supports changing loads. Cushions shock and vibration

Three hub configurations available

Style A
Style B
Clamp Style
Compatible with most standard inside diameters. Allows for bore diameters of up to 15% larger than most other coupling designs. Ideal for servo applications and available with keyways or without.


There are over forty models and standard sizes of CD couplings for most
of the applications. For applications that fall outside of those patterns, it is
possible to design and produce DC couplings at affordable costs, according to your needs.

Advantages and features

CD couplings combine the best features of
steel and elastomeric disc couplings.


Box the CD coupler
of the packer with drive
of the servomotor. Remove the backlash
and manage higher misalignment
with our CD coupler.
 CD couplers (choose the flexing and
the double flex spacer)
used in a Zero-Max brawl accessory
combined with gear drives
Wind turbines use CD spacer couplers.
The couplers connect the gearbox to the
  Select the use of the flex of the CD coupler.
Connect two timing belts into one
assembly machine.
processing equipment. Single and Double
Flex CD Couplings used in extremely
dirty conditions

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