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Overhung Load Adaptors

OHLA overhung load adaptors eliminate premature motor or pump failure due to overhung loads (axial and radial) on your motor or pump shaft. Also they prevent contamination of hydraulic fluid in harsh environments.

OHLA’s feature rugged housings of cast iron, ball or taperedroller bearings, many different shaft options and attractively painted housings. All models may be either face or foot-mounted.

OHLA other important benefits

  • Provides a solid, permanent mounting surface.
  • Permits the removal of hydraulic motors for servicing without disturbing driven gears, pulleys or sprockets.
  • Seals out dirt and grime.

Información técnica

Producto Ficha técnica
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Referencia en base a pieza

Overhung Load Adaptors: Zero-Max, OHLA 200, OHLA 300, OHLA 400, OHLA 500, OHLA 600, OHLA 800, OHLA 900, OHLA 1100, OHLA 1250, OHLA 1500, 210, 210DP, 210-9S, 210-9S-DP, 210-10, 210-10DP, 210F, 210F-DP, 210-12, 210-12DP, 215, 215DP, 215-12, 215-12DP, L230000, 312, 312-DP, 315, 315-DP, 300F, 300F-DP, L330000, 410, 415, 410F, L430000, 512-20, 512-6BS, 512-14S, 515-20, 515-6BS, 515-14S, L530000, 615-13S, 615-15S, 615-14, 615-14k, 615-16, 615-16k, 615-20, 600F, L630000, 650-13S, 650-15S, 815-14S, 815-14, 815-14k, 815-16, 815-16k, 815-20, L830000, 915-14S, 915-17S, 915-24, 915-28, 928-14S, 928-17S, 928-24, 928-28, L930000, 1136-28, 1136-13S, L113000, 1250, 1500, OVERHUNG LOAD ADAPTORS

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