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Gear Motor for Permanent Immersion Pool Covers

Gear Motor for Permanent Immersion Pool Covers


– Tubular gearmotors designed for use in permanent immersion.

– ABS housing resistant to the effects of electrolysis and chlorine.

– Easy-to-install adapter rings for any tube diameter (round, square or rectangular flanges to meet any need)

– 24V motor

– Transmitted torques: from 110 mN (PL1210), 180 mN (PL2010), 250 mN (PL3110) or 500 mN (PL6010) at approximately 4 rpm

– Shaft in stainless steel -316L- with customized finish

– Limit switch adjustment by means of a simple switch, permanent memory (no battery required)

– 1.5m power cord

The geared motors work with a 220V • 24V –IP55- power supply box that houses a control card for the geared motor and the limit switch, with an electrolysis management relay.

The boxes are identical to those used in the range of tubular gearmotors of the DL1310, DL3010 and DL6010 series.

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Gear Motor for Permanent Immersion Pool Covers, PL1210, PL1218, PL2010, PL3210, PL3218, PL605, PL6010, PL7710, AN1030, AN1040, AN1072, AN10XX UNIMOT120, AN10XX, UNIMOT120, ABRIMOT110, ABRIMOT66, serie EDEL, PL, AN, ANXX, UNIMOT, ABRIMOT, serieedel, edel, serie, AN10XXUNIMOT120, Covers, Pools, Immersions, Permanent

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