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Tandler gear reducers, JIV -tandem and coaxial-, worm gear, Tandler planetary, pendulum, ZeroMax, hypoid…

Gear Motor for Pool Covers


JIV Reducers

Vista de reductor de engranajes Tandler

Tandler Gear Reducers

Tandler Gear Reducers – spiral, Klingelnberg cut with diamond running. Very reliable due to high standard of gear tooth shape and precise manufacturing. Silent in ...

Vista de un motorreductor de Vis Sin Fin FU-J-G

FU-J-G Worm Gearboxes

FU-J-G Worm Gearboxes with prereduction See possible combinations, designation, features, dimensions, etc. FU-G double Worm Gearboxes See possible combinations, designation, features, dimensions, etc. FU-G planetary ...

Vista de reductores de planetario

Tandler Planetary Gearboxes

This extremely low-backlash planetary gearbox has been developed specifically for use with highly dynamic servomotors with motor coupling and gears to minimize backlash. Coaxial layouts ...

Vista de un reductor pendular circular

FU-VG Pendular Gearboxes

FU-VG Pendular Gearboxes for direct mounting to the shaft of the machine in action. Common application on conveyor belts. Wide variety of reduction ratios The ...

Vista de dos modalidades de reductor Zero Max

Zero Max Gear Drives

Zero Max Gear Drives

Vista de reductor hipoidal

Hypoid gearboxes

Hypoid gearboxes of low maintenance, lubricated for life, have a corrosion resistant surface finish and a backlash free torsionally stiff coupling at the input. Ratios ...



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