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PowerMaster Gearboxes

Compared to our well-known spiral bevel gearboxes, the PowerMaster gearboxes of the same size can transmit up to double the torque.

Comparing with competing products, the results have been equally satisfactory.

Power Master Standard
The standard version of the PowerMaster gearbox has large diameter input and output shafts. These gearboxes are used where the requirement is for high torque transmission within a small space envelope.
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PowerMaster gearboxes with hollow shaft

High performance gearboxes with hollow output shaft suitable for direct connection of machine elements, ensuring transmission of torque with small installation space. Versions with keyway and shrink disk connection are available.

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Common applications

When a high torque has to be transmitted at a normal speed and with little space available. Also for situations in which the maximum torque indicated for spiral gears is exceeded – even for short periods of time or as a result of impacts. We therefore recommend its application in very severe service conditions.

Advantages of PowerMaster Gearboxes

• extremly high torque capacity
• high permitted overloads for rough service conditions
• bigger hollow shaft diameters, also with keyway
• small space envelope

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