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Right Angle Gearboxes

Right angle gearboxes allow angular transmission of power between shafts. There is a wide range of angular gearboxes: hollow shaft, flanged, multi-shaft, reinforced shaft, small size, stainless steel and Power Master. Also reversing and disconnecting angular gearboxes, aluminum hypoid reducers, planetary gear reducers, P-type planetary gears, and dynamic differentials.

The following are the characteristics of angular gearboxes and, in particular, those of Tandler angular gearboxes.

Characteristics of angular right angle gearboxes

The characteristics and degree of compliance of angular gearboxes vary according to the sectors and their specific applications.
Precision and reliability are demanded about them, regardless of the cycles and working conditions. On many occasions, there are required to be silent, small in size or to have a simple assembly.
In order to get good response to harsh working conditions, resistance to shocks, overloads and quality finishes that prevent corrosion are also required.

In health and food sector, hygiene must be guaranteed; for this purpose, stainless steel returns are used.
Bespoke angular gearboxes can be requested, with transmission ratios (reduction/increase ratios) and other characteristics on request (consult).

Tandler right angle gearboxes

The german manufacturer Tandler supplies angular gearboxes and planetary reducers, all of which are available in the FU Ibérica product catalogue (FU Ibérica is authorized distributor of the Tandler Group).
Working with Tandler German-manufactured transmissions guarantees an optimal response to the most demanding precision and reliability demands.
The Tandler right angle gearbox is one of the most requested gearboxes within the mechanical angular transmission market.

Vista de Reenvío Angular Estándar

Standard Right Angle Gearboxes

Standard Standard Right Angle Gearboxes are spiral gears, cut Klingelnberg with diamond running. Precision manufacturing. Very reliable thanks to the studied shape of the gear teeth. ...

Vista de reenvios angulares de de eje hueco

Right Angle Gearbox With Hollow Shaft

Right angle gearbox with hollow shaft With Hollow Shaft are preferably used in the manufacture of machinery and special applications. They facilitate the direction of the ...

Vista de reenvíos angulares con brida

Right Angle Gearboxes With Input Flange

Right Angle Gearboxes With Input Flange allow to connect servo-motors and standard motors directly with precision. They feature a quick mount bellows coupling to keep ...

Vista de reenvios angulares ejes multiples

Multi-Shaft Right Angle Gearboxes

Multi-Shaft Right Angle Gearboxes are equipped with up to 5 driven shafts, they are designed for the distribution of movement in different levels and directions.


Right Angle Gearboxes With Reinforced Shaft

Right Angle Gearboxes with reinforced shafts are commonly used in line-shaft drive applications where only a proportion of the full torque is taken off the ...


Switching And Reversing Right Angle Gearboxes

In their reversing version, Switching And Reversing Right Angle Gearboxes allow the driven shaft to change its direction of rotation, as well as the connection and ...


Small Right Angle Gearboxes

Spiral gears, cut Klingelnberg with diamond running. High-precision and high performance Right Angle Gearboxes. Very reliable thanks to the studied shape of the gear teeth. ...

Vista reenvio reductor hipoidal

Hypoid Gearboxes

Our new hypoid gearboxes are low maintenance, lubricated for life, have a corrosion resistant surface finish and a backlash free torsionally stiff coupling at the ...

Vista de reenvio angular acero inoxidable

Right angle gearboxes in stainless steel VA

Right angle gearboxes in stainless steel VA – VA stainless steel gearboxes that meet ongoing requirements for hygiene and corrosion resistance. They are widely used ...

Vista de un reenvío angular de aluminio

Aluminium Gearboxes

Aluminium Gearboxes are the lightest existing units, thanks to their aluminum construction. Depending on the size a weight reduction of up to 40% can be ...

Vista de reenvio Powermaster

PowerMaster Gearboxes

Compared to our well-known spiral bevel gearboxes, the PowerMaster gearboxes of the same size can transmit up to double the torque. Comparing with competing products, ...

Vista reenvio planetario P

Planetary Gearboxes P

P series planetary gearboxes provide the proven TANDLER quality at an affordable price. The goal in developing this series was having to accept a cost-optimized ...

Vista de Reductor de Engranajes de Planetario

Planetary Gearboxes

Reductores de Engranajes Planetarios: juego de engranajes muy reducido, diseñados para ser montados a servo-motores con el acoplamiento del motor y engranajes para minimizar el ...


Speed Modulation Gearboxes

The individual branches of a linear axis rotate, for example, continuously up to ten percent faster or slower without limiting the precise transmission and powerful ...



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