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FU-DF Friction Torque Limiter

FU-DF Friction Torque Limiter sliding safety coupling where a plate wheel, pulley or other transmission component is interposed between two friction rings that slips without disengaging when a peak in the previously set torque is reached. The torque is adjusted by altering the spring pressure.

  • Simple and economic friction torque limiter.
  • Suitable for dusty conditions without need of timing between gear box and output.
  • Silent overload without vibration.
  • Protection in both rotation directions.
  • Asbestos-free friction discs.

Maximum torque: 23000 Nm – Maximum bore: ∅140mm.

Made in steel fully turned with standard treatment of phosphating.
Negligible power loss, absorbed by the coupling.
Simple manufacturing.
Hardening of hub teeth.
Optimum quality / price ratio.
Maintenance without moving the hubs axially.

Torque Limiter Main Applications 

  • Forming machines.
  • Conveyors.
  • Automotive.
  • Agricultural machines,woodworking machines.




On request

  • Various hub connection type available on the hubs.
  • Specific surface treatments.
  • Customized versions for specific needs.
  • Connection to the Torque limiter’s (safety coupling) range possible.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Protects the motor-gearbox in case of accidental collision.
  • Protects the film of wrapping machines in case of higher tension.
  • Absorbs static torques without disengaging.
  • Protects the gear in case of short product jam.

Información técnica

Producto Ficha técnica
Vista frontal de un Limitador de Par de Fricción DF sin carga. El modelo básico, con coronas, engranajes o poleas. FU-DF Friction Torque Limiter Descargar

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