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Expanding shafts with axial movement

Pneumatic expanding shafts with axial movement are the perfect solution for the unwinding and rewinding of rolls in cantilever applications. Using a knob on the front of the shaft, it is possible to regulate the rollwith a lateral movement of ±20mm. It is possible to align the roll even during the operations without stopping the productive process.

  • For cantilever applications
  • Axial movement of the gripping table ±20mm
  • Easy alignment and centering of the rolls during operations
  • Reel core ø 70mm, 3″( 76.2mm) y 6″(152.4mm) (other diametres available on request-enquire)
  • Gripping table from 250mm to 600mm* (other lengths available on request-enquire)
  • Load from 60 to 150kg
  • Most common applications: pharmaceutical sector, food, graphic and textile industry.
  • Nickel plating or anodizing treatments are available depending on the applications.
  • Machine fixing is custom on customers requirement.
  • Strips expansion can be obtained with air chambers via back axial air feeding by rotary union or front air feeding by valve.
  • A version with axial movement only with the machine stopped is also available.

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Vista de una barra expansible con un pomo frontal rojo para ajuste axial - Eje expansible en voladizo Expanding shafts with axial movement Descargar

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Expanding shafts with axial movement

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